Crocodile hunts and eats catfish, Tim Driman FVS20190510A

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I have been involved, and am invested in conservation for >30 years, so when I see some water where there are crocodiles swimming and lying around on the banks surrounding the water, I have a fairly good understanding of what to expect, so I positioned my vehicle in anticipation of some possible crocodile activity.

I watched some movement right on the opposite bank, as a few large crocodiles started to their way into the water.  What drew my attention, was a the very determined way that they seemed to be concentrating on some kind of target in the water, which strongly suggested that they had to be on some kind of mission.

The more I observed them, the more it appeared that a few crocodiles seemed to be working in a team effort, as if they were “herding” something in the water. The “herding” seemed to be an action which suggested that the team of crocodiles were trying to herd ( What later transpired to be a small shoal of catfish…..) their prey into a corner of the waterhole.

Every now and again, there would be a boil, followed by a large splash, then all would be silent. Maybe 30 seconds later a crocodile head would be raised out of the water, then a few skyward flicks, then all would be calm again.

Crocodiles have a flap of skin, known as the Palatal Valve, situated at the back of the throat. The Palatal valve seals the rear of the throat to prevent water from flowing into the lungs. Hence the fact that crocodile must raise their heads out of the water to swallow their prey.

I understand this which enables me to maximise on my photographic opportunities when observing crocodile activity.

I first noticed the croc as he hit the catfish, and rose out of the water, so I started tracking him.

He would do something, then pause, then do a little more, then pause again…This is a single sequence of images with three main activity periods, all within  30 second window period!……

Greetings Tim Driman Photography

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